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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 19 Subbed


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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 19 : “Title”


  • Everest Young

    Uchiha clan.

    ( strongest clan)

    • Actually that would be the Senju clan 😛 as at his time, Hashirama was classed god of his time, and even Madara couldn’t beat him

      • danyoon

        yes but im sure sasuke would be able to destroy hashirama at the moment so uchiha is the strongest

        • Alex Popp

          can’t beat naruto bro

          • Gabriel

            Sasuke didnt win and Naruto too, they were both on the ground defeated (watch the final episodes of shippuden, you will see)

          • Yea, but in the end Naruto was stronger because Sasuke had to take the Chakra of the other beasts, where Naruto only had half of Kurama, So Sasuke with EM + Rinne Sharingan, and had taken all the chakra from the other 9 tailed beasts, kurama’s other half*
            So again Senju/Uzumaki are the stronger ones so my original answer is the same, + they say that the Uzumaki’s primary came from Senju

          • Lloyd Carpe-Diem

            Yeah Naruto was a little bit stronger than Sasuke during the war, even with the tailed beast. I think during their duel Naruto intently wanted their match to end up in a draw. You need to be a lot stronger than your opponent to intently end a match in a draw. In Shogi, Go or whatever board game the same rules apply. You need to be a lot stronger than your opponent to intently make a match end up in a draw. But, I think that was not the case during their duel. I think he was just lucky it ended up in a draw.

            Now, that Sasuke does not have the tailed beast and missing and arm, I think he is weaker than Naruto. But, I think he might have catched up a bit also. Considering, Naruto is always stuck in his office and Sasuke have much time to travel for his missions. In the process I bet he picked up a thing or two. Not to mention with his dōjutsu, it’s easy to learn new techiques.

            One more thing, I think he kept his arm like that as a constant reminder to himself. Sasuke is innately insecure, jealous and selfish. That’s just how his heart works, but a part of him doesn’t wanna do that also. He should stop being a douchebag. That missing arm should be a good reminder. Plus it’s not practical to fight Naruto w/ a missing arm also. If he get a fake arm made of Hashirama cells like Naruto, he’d likely feel drowned w/ power and greed again. Getting just that will make him more like Madara. I think not getting a Hashirama arm is his way of protecting Konoha, not from anyone but himself.

            What do you think?

  • Hey_Crystal

    Shizune looks like she got younger with time.

  • Danny Huang

    sumire chan, where are you? 🙁

  • danyoon

    i think sarada’s vision is like that cuz sasuke abused his visual jutsus a lot when he first awakened his mangenkyo so that blurriness he used to experience got passed down

  • Debora 2times

    Wow watch this video on sarada’s true mother, it explains everything!

  • Debora 2times

    Naruto vs Sasuke: whos stronger? check it out!!!

  • Tobias Neumann

    Hahaha! Sakura destroyed her own house! Incredible that she can not control her feelings. And Choji allows Cho Cho to eat Burger with fries in the morning?! What the hell is wrong with this parents?! XD