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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 20 Subbed


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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 20 : “Title”


  • Basing Jerang

    Is this the real episode?

    • Salwa Yafaee


  • Viliami Uasila’a Tau’aho

    What a stupid ending

    • danyoon

      read the manga dumbass

  • Danny Huang

    where is my sumire chan 🙁

    • Rias Gremory


      • Salwa Yafaee

        She got out of there, remember? She is now with her class like a normal student, and she is doing it legally because Naruto let her. But he only let her because her sensei begged him to let her go to school cuz her class is waiting for her.

        • Rias Gremory

          i was joking XD

    • Lashaun P Beazer

      Danny, that was nonfiller filler. Lol

  • Kei

    of course they had to cut on the good part *rolls eyes*

  • Started watching anime🙌🏾

    How can you take a villian with no teeth seriously🤣😂😭

    • danyoon

      the original used his teeth to create his “sons” or clones, so thats why they have no teeth

  • Tobias Neumann

    Perfect Working Stream with no Puffer 👍
    Sasuke shure is weird not to be able to see that Sarada is not the white boy from before. Who may the white guys be and what exactly do they want?

    • Satan

      Easy, they want their country back from brown colored gluttons, black haired emos, and golden haired heros that are dictating the shinobi world.


        RACIST PIG

        • Satan

          I can’t argue with the pig part!

  • Luke Hardy

    oh ffs. you know i was LOVING where this was going until bloody chocho appeared… can they not just make one serious episode jfc

    • ♔King_Sims♔


  • Андреј Т.

    im so triggered,back at war against kaguya and madara sasuke and naruto were the strongest,there was no match for them,now,sasuke and naruto are so power underrated…

  • Kwasi92

    The most redundant thing I’ve ever seen..

    Sasuke sends a hawk….
    then Naruto immediately picks up a phone and calls kakashi…..

    Sasuke can get a dam phone man…. this is important shit 😂😂

    • Rias Gremory

      it was explained in the episode why Sasuke does not use a phone -_-

    • vamshi

      He cant charge the phone, and i think there are no cell phones or smart phones right now, only land lines
      Its like telling early man to go get himself a iphone 11.

      • Kwasi92

        They have communicators that sit in their ear.

        Do you it ten times more dangerous to send a bird with valuable info it vs an immediate method of communication.

        Don’t be stupid people.

  • danyoon

    i already know what happens but damn this is one serious cliff hanger

  • Salwa Yafaee

    When is then next episode coming out?

    • Salwa Yafaee


  • Salwa Yafaee

    I kinda feel bad for sarada cuz her dad is about to kill her, not knowing that’s his daughter.😂

  • Debora 2times
  • James Deveaux