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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 23 Subbed

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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 23 : “Title”

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  • Naagin2
  • Osborn Osiris Fusallah

    so fucking emotional as always, god i love this show.

  • Paul

    Its crazy how good this anime is when there is a whining little bitch who doesnt know real struggle in it. Rename the show Sarada

    • SkyApex

      Sarada runs the whole house when her mother works intense hospital shifts, while staying the top student of her class and taking extra courses, complains much less than Chocho and Boruto (guess who the show is named after), doesn’t ask for attention by vandalising, and her father just tried to kill her. I’d say she earned the right to whine once in a while.

      • I am pretty sure he meant Boruto was the whining little bitch, not Sarada…

  • Michelle Ibay

    Anyone else get nostalgic vibes at 8:23?

  • Izuna Uchiha

    boruto>>>>>>db super

    • ♔King_Sims♔


  • Felina Wari

    Omg the best episode of this series so far! Sakura’s fight with Shin was really well animated! Awwh the Uchiha family’s interaction is sooooo cute. Nearly missed Sasuke’s smirk near the end, really cute scene!

    • Jose Baron X

      I agree! One of the best episode so far!

  • Chirag BP

    Man.. I always wanted Naruto and sasuke to wrap it up…… 🙁